Inaugural Future of Experimental Medicine Conference ~ Inflammation in Disease and Ageing
March 16-19, 2014. We invite you to join us in 2014 for an exciting meeting on iconic Manly beach, near Sydney's famed North Head. Sparkling science in a sparkling environment.

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Inaugural Centenary Institute Conference
The Future of Experimental Medicine ~ Inflammation in Disease and Ageing
Novotel Manly Pacific Hotel, Manly Beach, Sydney, Australia. March 16-19, 2014
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The committee has brought together exceptional international and national researchers for the program. The Conference is being held at the iconic beachfront Manly Pacific Novotel Hotel.

January 16, 2014 - Close of abstract submission for Poster presentation selection and E X T E N D E D EarlyBird registration; also release of Hotel Rooms. Submit abstracts on-line.

Download the Conference Flyer to advertise the meeting around your Lab, coffee room, Department etc. And thank you for this assistance in advertising FEMC 2014!


International presenters include:

Prof Josef Penninger (IMBA, Austria) - The EMBO Plenary Lecture
Prof Thomas Kupper (Harvard, USA)
Prof Georg Stingl (Vienna Medical School, Austria)
Prof Elisabetta Dejana (Milan University, Italy) - supported by The Ian Potter Foundation
Prof Graham Le Gros (Malaghan Institute, NZ)
Prof Michael Detmar (ETH, Switzerland)
Prof David Adams (University of Birmingham, UK)
Prof David Sinclair (Harvard, USA)
Prof Frederic Geissmann (CMCBI, UK) - supported by The Ian Potter Foundation
Prof Judith Campisi (LBNL, USA)
Prof Michael Sixt (ISTA, Austria)

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Broad themes and
Topics include:

Immunology | Cancer | Pathogenesis of Autoimmune and Allergic Diseases | Cardiovascular diseases | Nutrition and Inflammatory Diseases

Inflammation and Skin diseases | Inflammation and Liver Disease
Novel Therapies | Innate Mechanisms of Tissue Inflammation
Regulation of Inflammation by Cell migration | Inflammation and Ageing
Regulation of Inflammation by Endothelial Cells


Sponsorship opportunities for this seminal meeting - and download the Prospectus with response form.





Charles Perkins Centre | Faculty of Medicine

A.W Morrow Gastro Enterology/Liver Center at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
Central Sydney Clinical Immunology Partnership, RPA and Concord Hospitals

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