Prof Shaun Jackson
Australian Centre for Blood Disorders, Melbourne, Australia

Research undertaken in the Thrombosis Research Unit is focussed on understanding the mechanisms causing platelet hyperactivity in diabetes and the metabolic syndrome. We are specifically interested in the biochemical and biophysical regulators (rheology) of platelet activity and function, including influence of specific signalling pathways such as PI 3-kinase and cell death pathways linked to apoptosis and necrosis. We are also actively examining new pathways that control the proinflammatory function of platelets, linked to cardiovascular diseases..  more ...

Prof David LeCouteur
ANZAC Research Institute, Australia
Research interests include: Biogerontology, Liver and aging, Liver sinusoid and ageing, geriatric pharmacology. more...

Prof Geoff McCaughan
Centenary Institute, Sydney,, Australia

Professor McCaughan is head of the Liver Immunology group in the Centenary Institute. His current research interests include the immunopathogenesis of human chronic liver disease, liver autoimmunity, liver transplant tolerance and molecular analysis of hepatitis C virus.. more...

Prof Roger Reddel
Childrens Medical Research Institute, Sydney, Australia

Roger Reddel is Director of Children's Medical Research Institute (CMRI), and the Sir Lorimer Dods Professor, University of Sydney. His research is focused on the molecular genetics of immortalisation, the process that allows cancer cells to divide an unlimited number of times, and is best known for his work on telomerase, the enzyme on which 85% of cancers depend for their unlimited growth, and for discovering Alternative Lengthening of Telomeres (ALT) upon which the remaining ~10% depend. more...
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