Prof Graham Le Gros Malaghan Institute, Wellington, NZ
The long-term goal of my research programme is to develop vaccines against asthma, allergy and human hookworm. Understanding the signals that trigger the initiation of asthma and allergy is critical for the identification of specific treatments that selectively suppress the allergic Th2 immune response. more...

Prof Michael Detmar ETH, Zurich, Switzerland
We focus on cancer biology - the role of angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis towards tumor metastasis, as well as on the molecular control of chronic inflammation. We aim to develop new individualized therapies and a major focus is the human genetic disposition for disease and for the response to specific therapies. more...

Prof David Adams University of Birmingham, UK
Laboratory research is focused on mechanisms of immune-mediated liver disease and leucocyte trafficking. Long-standing interest in understanding how leukocyte-endothelial interactions regulate the recruitment of effector cells in liver disease and how the local microenvironment within the liver modulates immune/inflammatory responses. more...

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