Prof Josef Penninger IMBA, Vienna, Austria
From studies in mice and flies, the team is trying to establish basic principles of physiology and basic mechanisms of disease pathogenesis, focusing on heart and lung diseases, cancer, and bone diseases. more...
The EMBO Plenary Lecture

Prof Georg Stingl Vienna Medical School, Vienna, Austria
Research focus is on the fields of cutaneous immunobiology, immunodermatology and allergology as well as cutaneous immunopharmacology. Our work has contributed greatly to new strategies in the treatment of inflammatory and neoplastic skin diseases more..

Prof Elisabetta Dejana Milan University, Italy
If starved, a tumor will not grow - it will shrink and become more susceptible to chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Our research is aimed at understanding the mechanisms that regulate the formation of the vascular system in tumors in order to induce their regression. more...
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