Scientific Program:

The Scientific program opens with the scintillating EMBO Plenary Lecture delivered by Josef Penninger on the evening of Sunday March 16 and continues through with equal quality presentations to lunchtime on Wednesday March 19, 2014. Social events are listed in the program and on the Social Program page. Families are welcome and with a beachfront venue there are plenty of options for activities. March is still warm in our hemisphere, and usually without the possibly-daunting sun of Summer! The conference is envisaged as residential and hotel rooms have been reserved. Register and book early on-line to reserve your preferred accommodation.

from Noon Exhibition Set-up
4:45pm Conference Opening: Distinguished Guest
5:00 PM Session 1: Plenary 1 and Q & A
Josef Penninger Austria (60 mins)
Inflammation and Genetics
6:00-7:00pm Welcome Drinks, Exhibition and Posters
7:00pm- Dinner at Leisure
from 8:00am Registration Exhibition access
8:30am Welcome and Housekeeping
8:45-10:30am Session 2: Vascular inflammation
8:45 AM Plenary 2: Elisabetta Dejana Italy (30 mins)
Cell junction control of vascular function
9:15 AM Plenary 3: Michael Detmar Switzerland (30 mins)
An important role of lymphatic vessels in cancer progression and inflammation
9:45 AM Xiangjian Zheng Australia (30 mins)
CCM signaling in cardiac growth
10:15 AM Jonathan Stone Australia (15 mins)
The mechanical cause of age-related dementia: the brain is destroyed by the pulse
10:30-11:00am Morning Coffee, Posters and Exhibition
11:00am-12:45pm Session 3: Liver inflammation
11:00 AM Plenary 4: David Adams UK (30 mins)
Inflammation and chronic liver disease
11:30 AM Geoff McCaughan Australia (30 mins)
Hedgehog signalling and liver fibrosis
12:00 PM Patrick Bertolino Australia (30 mins)
Tolerance in the liver
12:30 PM Nick Shackel Australia (15 mins)
CD147-mediated leukocyte aggregation determines the extent of inflammation associated liver injury
12:45-1:45pm Lunch box
1:45-3:30pm Networking, publication discussion etc
3:30-5:45pm Session 4: Inflammation - Skin
3:30 PM Wolfgang Weninger Australia (30 mins)
Bacterial infections of the skin
4:00 PM Warwick Britton Australia (30 mins)
Different faces of TNF in the control of tuberculosis
4:30 PM Thomas Gebhardt Australia (30 mins)
Antiviral T-cell immunity in the skin
5:00 PM Maryam Abdollahi Australia (15 mins)
Neutrophil Activation is increased in Diabetes: Possible role in poor wound healing
5:45-6:45pm Session 5: Posters, Exhibition and TableWine
7:30pm- Dinner at Leisure
from 8:00am Registration Desk open, Exhibition access
8:30-10:30am Session 6: Nutrition and Ageing
Sponsor: Charles Perkins Centre
8:30 AM Stephen Simpson Australia (30 mins)
Diet and longevity
9:00 AM David LeCouteur Australia (30 mins)
Ageing and novel drug targets
9:30 AM Alan Cooper Australia (30 mins) Using ancient DNA to study the history of inflammation and disease: the role of the changing human microbiome over time
10:00 AM David James Australia (30 mins)
Systems analysis of Insulin Resistance
10:30-11:00am Morning Coffee, Posters and Exhibition
11:00am-12:45pm Session 7: Ageing/Senescence
11:00 AM Plenary 6: Judith Campisi USA
Inflammation and senescence and cancer
11:30 AM Roger Reddel Australia (30 mins)
Telomeres and the onset of senescence
12:00 PM Jennifer Gamble Australia (30 mins)
Vascular senescence
12:30 PM Alexander Pinto Australia (15 mins)
Immunological basis for cardiac senescence
12:45-1:45pm Lunch box
1:45-3:30pm Networking, publication discussion etc
3:30-5:30pm Session 8: T cell / Allergies
3:30 PM Plenary 7: Graham Le Gros NZ (30 mins)
T-Cells and allergies
4:00 PM Gabrielle Belz Australia (30 mins)
New innate lymphoid cells
4:30 PM Barbara Fazekas Australia (30 mins)
Tregs and allergic responses
5:00 PM Rhys Allan Australia (15 mins) Modulating the stability of the epigenome in asthma-inducing Th lymphocytes to improve asthma outcomes
7:00 PM Coaches depart for Conference Dinner
7:30pm- Conference Dinner - The Great Hall, ICMS, Manly
from 8:00am Registration Desk open, Exhibition access


Session 9: Cell Trafficking
8:30 AM Charles Mackay Australia (30 mins)
The molecular and cellular understanding of inflammation
9:00 AM Plenary 9: Michael Sixt Austria (30 mins)
Leucocyte migration
9:30 AM Shaun Jackson Australia (30 mins)
10:00 AM Clare Westhorpe Australia (15 mins)
Mechanisms of intravascular antigen recognition by glomerulonephritis-inducing effector CD4+ T cells
10:15 AM Lai-Guan Ng Singapore (15 mins)
Dynamic imaging of neutrophil responses during immune complex-mediated inflammation in the skin
10:30 AM Marcia Munoz Australia (15 mins)
Granzyme B expedites cytotoxic lymphocyte migration and homing via basement membrane remodeling
10:45-11:15am Morning Coffee, Posters and Exhibition
11:15am-12:45pm Session 10: New Therapeutics
11:15 AM Plenary 10: Georg Stingl Austria (30 mins)
Treatment of inflammatory and neoplastic skin diseases
11:45 AM Sander Tas The Netherlands
NF-kappaB inducing kinase is a key regulator of inflammation-induced and cancer-associated angiogenesis
12:15 PM Plenary 11: David Sinclair Harvard USA (30 mins)
On the reversibility of inflammation and ageing.
12:45-1:00pm Conference close and Awarding of Poster Prizes

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