Exhibition and Layout FEMC 2014

For Sponsorship Opportunities please see here

Registration for 1 (one) staff member. Exhibition table in optimum position. Logo slide display in PowerPoint slide of Sponsor logos. Presentation of company's products to most active laboratories in the Field. See Exhibitor downloads on the website for delivery labels.


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  1. Available only to Exhibiting companies. Check the box with registration
  2. Two (2) bottles of wine with glasses each of the Poster nights, placed on your table.
  3. Exhibitors offer delegates a glass of wine - conversation begins...

For those whose sponsorshp includes a satchel insert, please use this label for delivery to the hotel.

For those whose sponsorshp includes an advertisement for inclusion in the program, download the delivery label with quantities and address details.

Loading dock details are part of the Hotel's label: enter off Francis Street. There is always someone nearby to the dock, or contact Hotel Reception.

Please visit the sponsorship opportunities page. We welcome your participation in this seminal meeting.