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Professor Matthew Vadas, AO
Director, Centenary Institute
Professor Vadas trained in medicine at the University of Sydney and as a physician at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. A WEHI doctorate, postdoctoral work at Harvard, saw his return to Adelaide and then t the Centenary Institute. His research embodies a multidisciplinary approach to discover new molecules or pathways that may uncover fundamental phenomena of nature and/or lead to novel therapeutics. Using techniques of cell biology, molecular biology, biochemistry, bioinformatics and genomics, he has primarily focused on endothelial and leucocyte biology with special emphasis on cytokines or growth factors and pathways of cellular signalling. www

Scientific Organising Committee:

Professor Jennifer Gamble eMail
Head Vascular Biology Group
Prof Gamble established the Vascular Biology group in the Centenary Institute in 2007, focusing her research effort on understanding the genetic regulation, including microRNA control of endothelial cell function and on the impact of senescence (or “ageing”) in disease. www


Professor Wolfgang Weninger eMail
Group Head, Immune Imaging
Professor Weninger specialises in the visualisation of immune responses in vivo. He is investigating how the cells of the innate immune system, the first responders, interact with pathogens in skin tissue. The studies have implications for the development of vaccines. This laboratory collaborates with many other groups, in Australia and overseas. www

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